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Note: Our website is a source of information for SME entrepreneurs. The original website is in Dutch, but as we would like to share the information with more entrepreneurs around the world we decided to offer an English translation. We used an online translator, which means the text is generally understandable, but it’s definitely not 100%. In due course we’ll do our utmost to correct the English text. In the mean time we hope that our information contributes to a profitable enterprise.

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Business Base Camp has set itself the objective to advise SME entrepreneurs to further develop and grow their businesses.

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The recommendations include strategies that are supported by guidelines and structures which are designed to promote customer loyalty and maximize profits of the enterprise. The website is filled with directly applicable information which aim to significantly improve the profitability of the SME company. Business Base Camp works with example documents, flowcharts, diagrams etc. The information will inspire you to get the best out yourself and your company.

Do you have a clear picture of your personal objectives?

Knowing what you want to achieve

Why did you start a business, what purpose are you pursuing? Do you have a clear picture of your personal objectives and do have you a phased plan how you will achieve your objectives?. Knowing what you want to achieve helps you to make the right decisions. Without a definite plan you do not know whether you are making progress or that you are on the correct course. So make a plan of your personal objectives, which the investment in time and thereby the associated financial statement should not miss. Learn more about this topic please go to: Objective entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurship is top sport

Entrepreneurship is top sport

Of an entrepreneur is expected that he/she has mastered all facets of entrepreneurship to lead the company to success. Entrepreneurship is a serious matter, a lot depends on what knowledge/skills the entrepreneur has to make the company successful. As an top athlete scrapes an entrepreneur constantly on their development with the aim to be the best and to stay ahead of the competition. With a self analysis you will find out, which points you master and what parts of the business your needs attention. Learn more about this topic please go to: Entrepreneurial Qualities

Look into the future

Business plan, a look into the future

A business plan is a worked out a plan in which the entrepreneur formulates business objectives that he/she want to achieve in the future. In principle, a business plan is not mandatory, as long as you have not relied on bank loans and subsidies. Even if you have not such obligation, it is nevertheless advisable to write a business plan. It requires you to think thoroughly about the future of the company. What do you want to accomplish and how will you achieve your objectives. With a business plan you increase your understanding of the opportunities and threats of the company. Moreover you have a strategic plan drawn up , which sets the derection for the coming years. For detailed information go to: Business plan

 The key to success for any company, wining and keeping customers!

The key to success for any company, wining and keeping customers!

Key success factor

Winning and keeping customers is core activity. The core activity of the SME company is not, as is often thought, the product or service that the company provides, but win customers and keep customers. Keep and win customers is the success factor for any company. The entrepreneur will therefore make every effort to “find” customers in the first place and to bind these to the company for the future. Customers, such as you and I, are strange creatures. We want to receive what we pay for, nothing less we prefer to be surprised with a little extra. We don’t want to discuss procedures or possibilities. We see an offer and a price, If offer and price pleases us we want to buy it. We want to see promises are kept and expectations are met. What do you think of the following experience? In the publication “ Weird guys, those customers” describes the experiences of a customer, It is clear that this organization does not care about customer expectations, can you do better?

The future without customers

Without customers, no future

Are the employees and business processes sufficiently focused on delivering value to the customer, if not customer focused, than this will have a direct impact on the customer base. There’s a lot of time and energy wasted on repairing mistakes with the result that there are extra costs to be made to fix the errors. In addition, you also lose a lot of precious time that you can’t spend to win customers. The organization is not able to hold customers and winning new customers will more and more difficult. The SME company without customers has no future! The Business model is focused on customer loyalty and expanding the customer base.

Customer loyalty is more than customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are essential for the organization. But there is one thing that is even more important: customer loyalty. Satisfaction gives you no guarantee for the future. Loyalty does! In an article ” Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction “ clearly explained what the differences are and on what to pay attention.

Business model for the SME company

Success company, depending on several factors

Many SME companies perform below par because there is insufficient attention is paid to the business as a whole. The focus is on one facet of business, the products and/or service oriented. The company m have such a wonderful product, but if there are no customers for such products or that the organization does not meet the expectations of the customer than such an company has no future and goes bankrupt. Every entrepreneur has the intention to make something beautiful out of it, but sooner or finds out are quite a few shortcomings in the organization. Avoid disappointment and organize your company than the chance that you, as an entrepreneur, succeed will significantly increase. The consultant has developed a business model, with this model you have the ability to structure your business to this example. All major components of the company’s operations are housed in an organized business model. The individual components of the business have the common aim the business objectives of the SME business to achieve. The business model provides you with information, guidelines and structures that support you in development and growing your business.  SME business advice Click above to see some examples of the documents, flowcharts, diagrams, etc. that support the text and help you with your business to grow.

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Maybe you wondering, for what kind of company such a business model applies. Brief and concise, every company needs to structure the organization in order to achieve the business objective. The basic principle of any organization therefore remains equal, regardless of how big or small the company or in which sector the company is active. Also a sole proprietorship, can parts of the business model, apply directly in own company. Do not be discouraged by the wealth of information, but use only those parts that help you further or brings new ideas.

The business model is focused on operating result

Business Base camp has developed a business model,which is divided into five main activities that collectively have one purpose: achieving the company objectives. The business model shows a clear correlation of the business activities and shows how they reinforce each other with the objective to maximize the profits.

Strategic Management ; is determining the fundamental long-term goals and objectives of the company and identifying actions with allocation of resources needed for achieving these goals.

Organizational Policies ; of an organization is expected that the knowledge and skills of individuals as well as business resources to be used efficiently and targeted to realize their objectives.

Personnel Policy ; is a part of the organizational policies, namely the part that directly relates to the staff.

Marketing Strategy ; is the figurative mate of your company.

System Strategy ; the system is dynamic and has an intense interaction with the environment.