Company Objective: Staff

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Responsibility in respect of the staff

The company bears responsibility for its personnel who depend on income from the company.

Your aim is to provide livelihood to your employees in line with their actual performance.

Remuneration structure for employees

Remuneration is a part of livelihood which the company has to offer the employee .

You decide for example that the compensation structure will be consistent with current industry standards and performance provided by the employee.

Examples goal: employees remuneration structure..

  • The company set itself the goal to offer employees in accordance with the actual performance, income and livelihoods.
  • The company uses a reward system in accordance with legislation and industry standards.

Encourage employees development

You offer your employees development opportunities and encourages to following courses within the framework and the need of the tasks to be performed.

The company annually identify what training could contribute to a better functioning of its employees. Then a priority list and schedule of the training is to be made​​. On the basis of the training needs determines the training budget for the coming year.

Examples objective: development employees.

  • The company strives for development opportunities for every employee within his / her function framework.
  • The company shall establish an annual training budget of …. euros.
  • Companies shall provide a priority list annual training of each employee individually.
  • The company consults with each employee which courses will be followed in the interest of the position he / she holds.

Safety and absenteeism

The company should strive for an optimal security situation for the employee during the performance of his / her duties.

An annual reduction in the accident rate is a good instrument for optimum security conditions for your employees to create..
An active sick leave policy is also a part of the business objectives. You set concrete objectives to reduce sick leave with a percentage annually.

Examples objective: safety and absenteeism.

  • The company has an active safety policy and is committed to a safe workplace situation and aims the casualty rate to reduce with …% per year.
  • The company has an active sick leave policy and aims the absenteeism reduction with …% per year .


The extent to which employees in the organization functioning is of great importance to the continuity of the business.

The preparation of guidelines for systematic consultation on job content and job performance of the employee here is an indispensable tool. It is advisable to keep at least once a year performance review with employees. From this action follow, on what tasks the employee performs is room for improvement and what is agreed on a personal development plan.

Example objective appraisals.

  • The company maintains a structured dialogue with every employee, … times a year there is an appraisal review.

Share business information with the employees

To increase the involvement of employees in the company you provided at least once year corporate information about the ins and outs of the company.

During this session, general company information is provided about the past year. The successes and setbacks in that year are communicated and finally, a picture of the future is painted. What are the opportunities for the company, but also the threats are appointed.

Example objective: company information.

  • The company staff shall be informed … times a year, about the functioning of the enterprise as a whole.