That’s not true sir!

It sounds polite, but it will make your customer or prospect in the curtains hunting!

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We say it literally rarely, but we insinuate it so often, that has become the fixed routine.

An example:
This morning at the Lukoil gas station in Herent. I’m in a hurry and make a quick pit stop to fix my gas station. But what emerges? The pump is broken. There comes trickle by little something out, but I give it four minutes and six step proceedure on and within the shop.

“ The pump does not work anymore, is there something wrong? I can’t refuel?”

How would you respond as a seller? The reaction of the store clerk (and the owner, who also stood in the store) was typical.

Aan onze producten ligt het niet.

You mean, we have a problem?

“ The pumps work fine Sir. Has anyone just tanked”

“ May well be “, I replied,” but not for me”.

“ But please Sir, there is still someone to refuel, that works yet”.

That leaves nothing to the imagination. A customer comes with a problem and … we believe him not. Voila, problem solved.

I had no time, and asked to be allowed to the paltry six litres so but checkout so I could continue. Response tells me again that the pumps work. Indeed I ask back, iets luider, om af te rekenen, zodat I can further timely on my appointment a few kilometres are and put a note of € 20 on the counter.

“ Tje, if you are not satisfied, there are still other petrol stations in the neighbourhood “. Yes, that too is a good solution, send your customer to the competition!

“ I know “, I give as an answer” and I will also make use of it in the future I can now finally checkout, I’m in a hurry”.

Not listening is an art in itself. The only response I get is a “look, someone still refuel there”.

Since I already have someone, I say that more often see fueling and would urge to settle. I finally get my Exchange money and want to continue. And then, miraculously, get the lady who stood for a while with the message to refuel within “working the pumps not? I can’t refuel ” …

 That is not true Sir!

Know the facts before you…..

Now you can see this as an exception, but think a moment how often we do the same? How often I hear sellers (and managers) not complain that customers use their products or services, for improper purposes, not wrong about the skills necessary … (a tip, make sure your customers have this knowledge!)

And all this I hear o so often, whenever a customer with a problem or complaint binnenbelt. We draw a conclusion without remember the facts. Our products are good, the fault lies with the customer.

We respond to all this without checking, brand a variation on “that is not true Sir”. If you’re prone to respond just as on this article (‘ that’s not true, I never ‘) just think again after, and look good around you.

Eliminate these views directly. It will not only make your customers happier, it will take you a lot of extra revenue.

Bron: Peter Stinckens
Peter Stinckens

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