The basis of sales: get connection with the customer

Connection with the customer most important

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Often we focus only on sales techniques, product knowledge, comparisons with the competitor and other ‘ hard ‘ skills.
In all this we want to quite often forget that making a connection with the customer the first important step is to come to a sales.

Connection is a generic term for trust, credibility, peer group and feel that the ‘ clicks ‘.

Why is it important?

That it is important, we can hardly doubt.
Many training courses already give it in their title. Customer centric selling, consultative selling, are terms that are focused on obtaining a connection. Intuitively we understand it all. After all, people buy from someone they trust, rather someone they deem credible, which is on the same wavelength and that one also as ‘ ordinary person ‘ good match well.

Although we know and understand, we rarely matters to also do something about it. We often remain stuck in asking questions, discussing benefits, building a value and arguing for our offer. All important matters, we should certainly do.

But without connection (peer trust, credibility, and feel that the ‘ clicks ‘), will this effort little ineffectual if your competitor is targeting connection, before giving up his sales pitch to do.

Search for connection is thus no replacement technique for a sales story, it is an essential supporting technique.
Doubt you importance? Please think back to those countless times that you suggested a better offer to your customer, to better conditions. And yet you lost sales to another. If you are wondering how this can, then is the answer hidden in the concept of connection.

How do you get connection?

Human interaction is difficult catch in hard lines.
There are no absolute methods of approach that works any time and anywhere. People differ from each other. Well there are some important things you can do to create an atmosphere in which the laying of a connection is easier.

I would gladly take some.

Let yourself know.
In other words, once dare something personal to tell. The vast majority of the people will reply also tell something personal. Only when we share with each other personal affairs, we see each other as human beings rather than as the function (seller/buyer) that we exercise. That makes talk a lot easier.

Show genuine interest in the other.
Let’s not just routine questions, when the other one tells something about himself, but show genuine interest. Let the other the chance to propose himself as he or they that love to do.
Show respect for the views of the other, even though you know that they are wrong. There is only one way to win a debate, and that is to prevent them.

Never give criticism, it is pointless and only calls on resistors.
Criticism always creates distance, and you are trying to reduce that distance just now. Learning to give, instead of criticism of sincere questions. So explore the vision of the other, without resistors.

Show fair and sincere appreciation for the different.
Area-both professionally and personally. No flattery, but sincere appreciation.

These are five fundamental rules that help you to make fast connection with others.
Are you an avid reader? Schaf you than the book How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. It is decades old, but contains a wealth of knowledge in this area which still scarred.

How do you use this data?

It may of course be the intention that you used your time just to become friends with your customer or prospect.
Given how important this is, it’s only part of the work. Your ultimate objective is to realize a sale.

But impose a connection is the first step. This does not mean, of course, that you the customer from the first moment to make a connection must compel then to the real work (sell) to start. The are two things that must go hand in hand. Your customer or prospect indeed expect a seller.


Just listen carefully to your customer.
In each sales call, there are numerous points where you can use these techniques. At the last five visits I’ve done here with sellers, I paid extra attention to. On average, you have two opportunities per ten minutes conversation to make sense to apply these techniques.

I.e., on average two times per 10 minutes gives the customer a converter. Can you, or to you interior stairways and scoring him pass by. The choice is – as always – to you.

Bron: Peter Stinckens
Peter Stinckens

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