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How to turn the competition outside game?

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One of the hardest things as seller, is decide how you will cope with competitors.

On the one hand, you know that you are not allowed to tell about your competitors, on the other hand, negative aspects, it is often difficult to convince a customer that you’re better than the competition, without lapsing into price discussions, when you don’t compare may make.

How can you successfully to tackle competition, without damaging the confidence of the customer?

There are some possibilities, which we rarely use it. Possibilities that allow us to focus on our strengths and the discussion which indirectly lead the customer to our offer, away from the competition. I will give you some mee there.

Departure from the objectives of the customer

If you good sales pitch, you know exactly what the customer conducted with its purchase would realize.
This allows you the three main factors. (important for the customer, that is). Tell the client shortly which plus points you can offer here.

You may then say nothing negative about the competitor already, but what you can do is ask the customer (and let him or her self telling) how these issues relate to the supply of the competitor.

The strength of this approach is that not you, but the customer will have to say that you are better than the other.

Since we seldom believe what a salesperson tell us comes, this is an extremely strong approach. People believe themselves invariably, without exception. If you click this way to the customer the decision late that you are better than your competitor, you have taken the first major obstacle.

Do not be lured into an auction

In situations where competition plays, the temptation to choose the most direct approach: a price war.
When the customer indicates less wanting to pay for the offer, since the competitor asks less, set the simple question:

What do you expect for this price?

Each customer will offer you the total list of expectations. The delivery periods, delivery costs if he, maintenance costs, training etc … not CITES, then ask him if he is willing to pay them separately. You can then indicate that this business at your price are already discounted.

He speaks here, ask him about than whether this also discussed with your competitor, and whether this is also prepared to provide these things for the same price. Probably he will still likely ‘ yes ‘ answers, but he has not yet discussed.

Propose a part of your service to perform, and that is not to be exchanged for a discount. Not so the customer can experience what the quantified costs of the purchase really mean.

Use the arguments of the competitor

Good listening will show you the main arguments that your competitor yield used.
These were the basic arguments, so the customer felt attracted to your competitor. If you do not answer, you’re lost. So use them.

Hervertaal these arguments to your own supply. Don’t use the same words, but use the arguments. If you have some additional advantages to linking, you can taken a quick lead on the competition. A strategy that often works!

Compete is a sport. A topsport.

Like any sportsman, you will also have to exercise to be better there. Let the courage so not bags when wrong runs, but analyze the conversation and see where you can adjust.

These are just a few of the strategies that you can apply. Talk with colleagues or with your chef and remember there are multiple, increasingly from the standpoint that you the customer must not contradict, and competition may not directly attacks. If you do, then you will almost certainly lose!

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