The secrets of a good press releas

Free publicity

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To get your company or website to bring to the attention of the media you can send press releases to magazines, newspapers or other websites.

The lyricist of the magazine or the website can then use your press release for an item and you are so free publicity. But what are the secrets a good press release?

The 5 W’s

There are general rules that you’re writing a press release is supposed to keep.

So at the beginning of the message type you always PRESS RELEASE, so it is clear that it is for the receiver to a press release. In the introduction to give you a brief summary of the news that you treat in the message, the details will follow later. In this introduction, enter an answer to the 5 W ‘s: who, what, where, why and when?

Note for the editors

At the end of the message you can put in a so-called ‘ Note for the editors ‘ contact information, and any links in the message may mention editorial mention.

In the case of a press release for websites you request a link to the editorial in the note friendly your website in the article. This way know to find the way to your ultimate readers website, otherwise you have yet nothing to the free publicity. Of course you can also ask for newspapers and magazines to mention your website or contact information. Always make sure that the note to editors is clearly distinguishable from the message itself. Give clear contact details and also the name of a contact person so the editors you know to find if they want more information.

Bring real news

Try dropping on a press release by an original angle to use, and really anything new to tell.

Just a short post which you will your new company introduces few people really interested. Therefore, search for interesting matters in the area of the industry in which you work, or a notable reason for starting your business. A message about the pet store that opens you a lot more interesting when you dierenwinkel the abuses in the industry demonstrates, and this gives as a reason why erin you are going to do it completely different. This makes that the message contains not only actual news and advertising for your business.

Schrijf bondig en actief

Create a press release never longer than one A4tje, keep the message concise and well-organized.

Write business but try not to lapse into woolly, stately language use. Write active and be careful with verbs like ‘ be ‘ and ‘ create ‘, these phrases will longer often unnecessary and unclear. So instead of ‘ The Rabid pet store will open on 6 may be ‘ you write: ‘ The Rabid pet shop opens at six may.’

Check and spread

Check your press release for you it spreads well on spelling and grammar. Let others read it one more time.

Send the press release not just anywhere but think about the audience you want to reach and what media is the best for you here. Spreading possibly different press releases, each with its own angle and show that are compatible with the magazine or the website where you send the message to.

You keep trying but the press releases you spreads but not posted? Select the help of a professional!

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