How do you know you are an entrepreneur?

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Learn to know yourself, because as an entrepreneur you come really against yourself!

Entrepreneurship is see opportunities and opportunities through a private company (or within a larger organization) that allow you to creates value for yourself and for your environment.

It consists of three main activities: opportunities see crisp, opportunities and creating value. Everyone can see opportunities, but not everyone knows them too long. of them who do opportunities and to start a company, know the half not a valuable conclusion. Within 5 years, half of all starters stopped or go bankrupt! In other words, they are enterprising enough?

The performance of your company are a mirror of your own behavior.

Therefore, make clear what your strengths and weaknesses for yourself, because you come against your real self in entrepreneurship.

See opportunities

Opportunities see naturally has everything to do with what you perceive in you area.

Or, for example, because it is precisely what you notice to you believe is missing and thus a chance for you to jump in that ‘ gap ‘. Everyone can see opportunities. You go but after an unoccupied building and runs along: you consider what you could do. For example: a nice jewelry shop or a vegetarian restaurant because there is so little of his. You’ve also not much for necessary.

What did you especially needed?
Market orientation, creativity and preferably also to know what is happening in a market plays.


Whether it is a chance which they use is going to be really, depends on many things af.

It also has to do with your confidence and your courage. It is normal that you’re afraid of the unknown. After all, you also do not know whether it will succeed. That can make a man uncertain. The question is whether this uncertainty arises from ignorance or from inability. Often it is a mixture of the two. More important is how you deal with that uncertainty. Don’t let your fear you or by you therein guided by curiosity? Dare you a step, or even a risky step, a car? How sure are you and dare you to move out of your own strength and qualities? And therein differs the ‘ born ‘ Entrepreneur of the ‘ non-born ‘ entrepreneur. His curiosity overcomes the uncertainty associated with self-confidence of the unknown.

Nobody can predict the future, but you can invent and put him into your hand.
It requires trust in your vision and persistence.

Creating value

The creation of value is not just about money, as turnover, profit and income.

But especially on satisfaction with the independent existence. The creation of value for the environment can lie in the jobs with the company is created. But can also lie in paying sales and profits tax. After all it has and thus helping the Treasury affect the taxes levied (should) be. So it is just how you look and what you find important as long as the continuity of the company but not compromised.

Learn where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how you deal with

As an entrepreneur you will come yourself irrevocably against.

Definitely on the moments that goes a little less. How much perseverance you have to get back on stand after your cases are? And how dominant you are to stand for yourself and your company and thus on to fall? How much confidence you have in yourself? And hold you in yourself as a stronger competitor comes on the market? How smart are you getting out of each contact social also scoring a command? How much ambition you have to really want to go there to?

How creative and flexible are you to reverse problems into opportunities for your company? Learn to know yourself before it is too late, therefore, i s.

Entrepreneurship offers so many new situations and challenges, where you must respond or anticipate. And that is also the beauty of entrepreneurship. Develop yourself to an enterprising entrepreneur.

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