Innovate, everyone can do it!

Innovate from client to concept

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Everyone agrees; innovation is the key to the future.

Innovatie is de sleutel tot succes!

Innovatie is de sleutel tot succes!

This doubt is almost equal to heresy! But the next step: go innovate, is rarely apply to us. Innovate – think so many people – is something for large organizations with massive budgets or something for those individuals with exceptionally creative gifts.

However, nothing is less true

Innovate is not necessarily an activity or a project, but usually an attitude.
A view which lets you to view things from a different perspective and reality to put your hand.

The good news? With or without budget, large or small. Anyone can do it!Also you!

With minor improvements over the competition

We are now thinking on large-scale technological innovation still matters.
And that too is important. But innovation goes further, much further. The great technological Affairs are usually just the tip of the iceberg. The really important innovations are mostly small simple things that often have a huge impact on the performance of an organization.

Some of us have that exceptional property plots “the light” to see and to come up with a great idea. Others need more efforts to deliver. But we can do it all.

Do you want a simple way to innovate?

Try this than once. It is a working method in four steps:

  1. Save your self of all assumptions about how you should work and what you have to offer. Imagine that you must start all over again and to discover how you can be successful. Imagine that your job or your organization does not already exist, and that you need to invent them again. (Quiet but, soon you may remember again what already exists, but not now).
  2. Talk with your customers and ask them how the ideal organization according to them should look like and what you would have to offer if you should start again.
  3. Write down the answers and summarizes the best things together.
  4. Build a concept around these things and work it out.

This sounds too simple?

Well, it is so simple! Really true!
Year after year I see around me more of the same. I rarely see something really news and attractive. More and more, we provide all the same, we copy “success formulas” from others and we repeat the same mistakes. We provide the same service (and to offer this as a unique added value) we deliver the same products (something else packed) and use the same documents (compare ten quotes, invoices, ten ten ten brochures … different companies). You should do your best to be very still to discover something of a difference!

And then we complain that we have competition

We’re sweating and rooting to get ahead and say that it is a “battle” to the customer is.
Not really surprising!
All year and day I try to convince partners that innovate a simple exercise is.

Sometimes it succeeds, but more often it remains at some spectacular weeks quickly followed by a return to old routines.

And that is a pity, because so let’s all important opportunities.

Bron: Peter Stinckens
Peter Stinckens

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