Can you learn entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs have their say

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Successful entrepreneurs such as Van Gaal and van der Most say no, you can’t.

They are right that only natural talents succeed or they have it wrong and you can reach your goal by motivation and also learn? Despite the fact that the very successful entrepreneurs are, and we do nothing to af there, they have uneven, is also evident from scientific research.

Annemarie van Gaal keeps on:
Take you can’t teach. The most important thing is your mindset: it is the death or the gladiolus.

In other words: it is all or nothing. You should really go for it and otherwise you better stop, because then it will never be what.

Hennie van der Most is just as positives:
take you can’t teach, not 100%. It sits in your blood. Yes, you can learn, but you do that in the enterprise itself.

Aha, according to Van der Most so you can learn. That gives hope.

Start and experience

You can definitely learn entrepreneurship. By, you learn to take action.

In other words, you should just start. On the question to Van der Most: “what would you have done differently, if you could do it all over again?”, he replied that he had begun even earlier than for themselves. You should not have to learn a lot, but on time for yourself start, he added. Apparently he sees now in what he has done, not when at least, that’s what he has learned. Also Van Gaal has learned much, but during the Act itself.

Motivation: want to be the best

Everyone can then take? Well, a certain degree of instance and motivation have you ever needed.

You should indeed, as Van Gaal suggests, really like to. With entrepreneurship is like with football. Anyone can aantrappen against a ball, but not everyone is footballer. And even a footballer need much exercise. The sooner you start, the more time there is to practice.


Learning entrepreneurship is a lot easier with an entrepreneurial coach.

There are recent scientific publications which demonstrated the positive effect of ondernemerscoaching and thus learn that entrepreneurship is.
For example, IStartSmart In the project, in which (local) Governments and business work together, coached his starting and established entrepreneurs in developing their entrepreneurship. At the end of the project, which lasted about a year, was arguably the entrepreneurship of the participants has grown. With much more confidence in herself and she wanted to go against their entrepreneurship.

Experience is to learn from the mistakes

In Netherlands takes down within 5 years about 50% of the entrepreneurs who have already started off again.

The majority is with the company stopped and the rest is gone bankrupt. The question is: were the no (good) entrepreneurs, or are they stopped too early? I think the majority is stopped too early. Maybe were not all natural talents, but certainly not all blunders. Some have a push is needed or a good advice.
As an entrepreneur you come irrevocably against yourself. Have you rock hard confrontations with yourself. That means you need to look good in the mirror.

Dare to recognize what your weaknesses are.

Because only then creates the space and then to seek solutions. Every entrepreneur makes mistakes or puts a wrong step. That is not at all bad, if you’re there but of teaches. That belongs there. Annemarie van Gaal that also recognize and Hennie van der Most.

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