link Partnership

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Link Partner means nothing more than sharing a link to each others website. A link is a referral. On a website is a link placed to your website and you will return a link back to the relevant website.

What can you achieve with exchanging links? The usefulness of exchanging links is that you, with your website, are visible on other relevant websites. This attracts additional visitors to your website and you increase the visibility of your website to search engines.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a methodology that is used by search engines to the popularity of your website to third party websites to measure. This measurement is achieved by counting the number of hyperlinks to your website and quality of those websites. The more websites link to your website, the higher your link popularity. If you get a referral from a quality site that will yield a higher link popularity.

What is a “NoFollow” and “DoFollow ” link

The NoFollow attribute is a value that can be added to a link. This specifies the command search engines that link should not influence the ranking of the landing page. Originally the nofollow attribute used to combat certain forms of search engine spam, including spam comments on blogs. So only DoFollow links have a positive influence on the ranking of your website.


If you are an entrepreneur and you have a website we invite you to link partnership. That means: that you have a DoFollow link to Business Base Camp on your website and you get a DoFollow link back from Business Base Camp.

We are only interested in link partners who, like us, placeDoFollow links on their website.

It is important that you first place our link on your website. Once we receive notice that our link is placed we can verify and activate your link.

Application Form

Make sure you enter the data correctly, if the link does not work or you enter an incorrect link, we cannot post the link. All fields are required, the e-mail address is used only for correspondence regarding the link partnership. Caution:The link is automatically checked for presence by our system. When removing our link, your link is automatically deleted from our system. Go to the Application form Link Partnership