Personal Objectives

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Set your personal goals

Set goals and take action

Why did you start doing business, what is a goal after all? Or maybe you still playing with the idea of starting ​​your own business? There are various reasons given by people to start their own business, motivations are often: the freedom of entrepreneurship, private and work close together, the profession that I exercise are not found in payroll, I got stuck with my employer, etc. People with a certain profession are often entrepreneur because it is part of their “profession”, for example brokers, accountant, architect, designer, doctors, programmers, etc.

If things gets tough it comes down to motivation!

Why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place is an important question. If somebody wakes you up in the middle of the night do you have your answers ready to the why and what you want to achieve as an entrepreneur? Because you will have setbacks during your entrepreneurship, then it comes down to your motivation to continue. The publication “Why are you actually become an entrepreneur?” 13,000 entrepreneurs give their personal objectives.

Entrepreneurship is not free of risks

Whatsoever the reasons, they are all relevant to the person in question to become an entrepreneur , but there is another side to the coin, you will take risk as en entrepreneur. The first requirement is that the entrepreneur must be able to earn a living, in other words there must be enough profits from the company to pay the bills.

Profit determines the continuity of the company

Not always leads the entrepreneur the company and therefore fails to meet the business objectives. The business objective is to make at least a positive result with the company. Realize that when the company makes little or no profit the entrepreneur has no income and so the viability of the company is at risk.

Definition of entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur is a person who has the aim to earn an income by a certain combination of labour, capital and knowledge running a business. The objective: as minimum to keep the company going and to make a profit to earn a living out of it.

Company focusing on customers

Making a profit with a company is only possible with a professional organization focused on winning and keeping customers, without customers, the company has no right to exist and within the shortest period of time at will cease to exist..

Income entrepreneur depends on operating profit

Ultimate goal of entrepreneurship is profit

Ultimate goal of entrepreneurship is profit

How much profit you must make with your business depends on how much income you need for a living. And witch other personal objectives you may have with the financial resources needed. By making an overview of the costs necessary to the livelihood, this indicates your first financial objective with the company. Do you also have other personal goals with financial obligations then those costs will be on top of the cost of living in this case you must realize higher profits with the company.

Personal objectives are achieved by setting priorities and actions taken

It is important that you put all your personal goals on paper together with the financial commitments necessary to achieve these objectives.

To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action until the goal is reached. The key is action – Michael Hanson

When you put your personal objectives on paper you get an overview of all your objectives, because you can’t do everything at the same time you make a priority list. The world around you is always in motion, the goals you have at this moment in time is a snapshot and these may change over time by changes in the private sphere and / or changes in the world around you. It is recommended that you evaluate your personal objectives, once a year. Should any changes occur than it is easy to adjust your goals and take the necessary actions. It prevents you wasting your energy on the wrong activities. Click to get ideas how to draw up a list of personal goals..

Entrepreneur Qualities

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are as entrepreneur is a 'must'.

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are is a’must’.

Can one learn entrepreneurship?

Whether you can learn entrepreneurship or that one must be talented, is not yet clear there are different opinions about it. There are successful entrepreneurs who are firmly of the opinion that only the talented will succeed, but is this really true? In the publication “can one learn entrepreneurship?”is explained what really matters to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether or not a natural talent, that does not mean that you can’t critically ask yourself what entrepreneurial qualities are required to achieve business success. Entrepreneurship is a serious matter, because you are primarily dependent on income from the company. Other personal objectives you want to achieve must also be financed out of the profit from your business. Only if you generate enough profit, with your company, you can give substance to both an income and achieving your personal goals. Much depends on how skilled you are as an entrepreneur, ask yourself which parts of the entrepreneurship you master and on which parts you should improve? Verschillende

The entrepreneur is like a juggler he must be able to keep several “objects” in the air

An entrepreneur has to deal with a wide variety of activities that he/she must manage in order to make a successful business out of the company. Entrepreneurship is more than just skills, there is much more involved in entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur must identify opportunities and threats and anticipate the situation, besides that leadership must be given to the company. He or she has no large staff who take specialized work off your hands. The entrepreneur needs to manage all the different activities himself or should know where to obtain the expertise. Depending on the sector, certain elements of the business outweigh others. How is that in your sector? Also read the publication; “How do you know if you have entrepreneurship in you?”

Know your strengths and weaknesses

These include for instance, financial understanding, communication, market orientation, quality, creativity, flexibility, negotiation, seeing opportunities, etc. To make a success story of your company its necessary that you have these qualities or you hire one or more specialists. By identifying entrepreneurial skills in your sector of interest, you increase the chances of success. What these are, that you can determine by an industry analysis.This prevents you from wasting money and energy on things that you do not or insufficiently master. If you know where you falls short then you can gain knowledge or you can choose to hire specialists Click above to determine what entrepreneurial skills you have and where you need to pay attention.