Entrepreneurs put your goals on paper!

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Last year I surprises me about the fact that 70% of entrepreneurs has no goals on paper that I would like to dedicate this year to a series of blogs.
The purpose of that series is your one hand, awareness of the importance but especially to give you tips how you can best tackle. So more entrepreneurs with their goals for 2012 on paper really that year begin!

In this first blog attention for the need for goal setting and a look back to 2010. If you really want to get more out of your business then targets the first step.

Life or be lived

Goal setting is really about making choices.

By choosing a goal you choose consciously for a focus. You’re going to stop your time and energy into something where you believe in! More beautiful can hardly?

You can also choose to have no choice to make. Then I need you entrust find something: the choice will then be created for you. All your time and energy to go on people who do make a choice. And that people go so their targets. And you’re at the end of december 2012 to consider what has brought oliebollen 2012 probably very little you ….


Do you feel now as described above?

Certainly no goals put on paper. Have you ever put on paper targets for 2011? Look there than now, consider.

  • Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What goals I’ve met?
  • What goals I haven’t met?
  • What needs to happen to get them though?
  • There Is what changed my dream goal on the basis of the past year?
  • A dream goal is your long term goal; the ideal that pursues you.
  • What was the cause of that change?
  • What I have achieved victories at myself?
  • Which are not?
  • What can/should I take goals this year to next year?
  • What can I exit? (and, of course, go celebrate!)
  • What can I exit? (and, of course, go celebrate?

You will see that you get lots of information from answering these questions for yourself. Write your answers to the questions really goes on you this information very help. setting your goals for 2012.

Allow yourself rest and space outside the delusion of the day to do this. This is so important for your next year’s result!

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