Business Model for the SME enterprise

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Business Base Camp has developed a business model.

The business model is divided into five main activities that have a common goal, achieving the business objectives. Strategic management, organizational policies, personnel policies, marketing strategy and system strategy forms the basis of all operating activities which aims to maximize the profits of SME organizations.

Business model: you oversees all operating activities

The basic principle of operating activities of each enterprise is equal. Regardless of how big or small the company is or what industry the company is active the business activities will remain the same.

The SME entrepreneur misses out opportunities if only a part of all business activities get attention or respond not at all or too late to changed circumstances that threaten the company. The aim of any company is making a profit, so the entrepreneur must deploy business activities in conjunction and mutually reinforcing. The business model shows a clear correlation of operating activities and see how they reinforce each other with the objective of maximizing the profit of the enterprise. Each SME entrepreneur who is better organized will be able to reduce the threats and create opportunities and distinguish themselves against the competition. This keep you on track to a healthy financial enterprise and also assures the continuity of your business..

Business model The essence of entrepreneurship, is engaging in business activities that in conjunction with each other and mutually reinforcing with the objective of maximizing the profits from business activities.

Strategic management: long-term objectives

The long-term

Strategic management is the determination of the fundamental long-term goals and objectives pursued of the SME enterprise and identify actions and allocation of resources needed to achieve these goals.

Strategy and management

Strategy is a task of management (entrepreneur), but usually in practice their is hardly any activity on this task.

Therefore, the long-term goals of the SME company is not known with the result that ad hoc decisions are taken, which usually does not work well for the company. To ensure that strategic management does receive the attention it deserves, it is productive to establish clear guidelines and procedures.

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Organization policy: the efficient organisation

De efficiënte organisatie

From an SME organization is expected that the knowledge and skills of people and the assets efficiently and effectively will be used to determine the business objectives.

Organization and effectiveness

Achieving the corporate objectives are highly dependent on the degree of collaboration between departments and so people (employees) in the organization.

Through cooperation, the organization will be more efficient and profits will increase, which will guaranty the continuity of the SME enterprise. The quality policy must ensure that the organization develops to a reliable partner for customers. The level of knowledge and skills of your employees (work floor and management) should be in line with the tasks they need to perform. Level of knowledge and skills are a dynamic and should develop along with products, services and changes in the market.

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Personnel policy: the quality and motivation

Quality and motivation

Personnel Management is part of the organizational policy, namely the part that directly relates to the stafff.

Staff and motivation

The SME personnel plays an important role in the achievement of business objectives, without the quality and motivation of employees it is impossible, it brings the profitability and hence the continuity of the company at risk. Motivated employees who enjoy their jobs are more customer focused than unmotivated staff, the latter will consciously or unconsciously damage the relationship with customers and increase costs.

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Marketing strategy: set the direction of the company

The way forward

A good marketing strategy is the figurative mate of your company.

Marketing and objective

Without a marketing strategy and marketing goals you have in fact no purpose.

You do not know where your company stands for and what you want to adchieve . You deal with too much or have missed opportunities, with all its consequences. Therefore give direction to your company with a thoughtful marketing strategy. The customer purchases a product or service, but simultaneously assesses the functioning of the entire organization. When something goes wrong in the chain than its sensors tell him that and he runs off to the competitor.

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System strategy: the interaction with the surrounding

Interaction with the surrounding

An organization is a system that consists of several subsystems. These subsystems are dependent on each other and form a single entity.

Dynamic interaction

The system is dynamic, and has a strong interaction with the surrounding. The system is thus an open system, external influences have a great deal of influence on the functioning of the organization. The business is a system that organizes activities for a product or service to be delivered to the customer, with related added value to product or service.

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Business Objectives: The continuity of the company

Company Objective ensure continuity

Long term business objectives are general guidelines for the organisation, which focuses on the continuity of the SME company.

Secure the objectives

What is your mission and how big is your vision? How big is your market share and where do you sell your products? Is your organization equipped to win customers as keeping them as well? How efficient is the Organization and how will you maximize the profit of your company? How do you want your enterprise to by seen by the community? To formulate the business goals you get a clear picture of what ultimately must be achieved.

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