Company Objective: Customers

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Customer loyalty the ultimate objective

The SME company aims to maintain a close bond with his customers and deliver the best possible service.

Not only the products and / or services must have a minimum to meet the expectations of customers, including the organization as a whole will continue to encourage customer loyalty.

Customers, you can not do without

A close relationship with customers

The company endorses the products, services and organization constantly to fit the expectations of customers.

Herewith prevents the organization that customers switch to competitors. Customers who stay away as a result from dissatisfaction, give a negative signal to friends and familiar, that alone is disastrous in the digital age. The loss must be compensated with new customers and that is much more costly than retaining customers.

In the article ” The shadow of one customer “ is arithmetic demonstrated that it many times more expensive to recruit a new customer than satisfying a complaining customer.

Expanding the customer base begins to retain existing customers. Research on the expectations of the customer is a continuous process in which an active complaints policy should not be missing. The publication ” Complaints are opportunities “will include tips for handling complaints. In this way the organization knows what is going on and can benefit from information to improve business processes.

Customer loyalty is more than customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are essential for the organization.
But there is one thing that is even more important: customer loyalty. Satisfaction gives you no guarantee for the future. Loyalty does!
In an article ” Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction “ is clearly explained what the differences are and where to pay attention.

Example objective: customer focus.

  • The company aims that the organization the expectation of the customer exceeds.
  • The company holds .. times per year a survey explicitly asked on which points the organization can improve.
  • The company develops from the obtained information within … months new or improved organization processes.

Developing new products and services

How does a company get new ideas? Ask the customer to his opinion, what does the customer like or dislike of the products or services!

Through regular research you have the possibility to process the observations of customers in your products or services, this not only meets the expectations of the customer, but you competitive position will be stronger.

The SME company sets guidelines on how wishes of the customer are documented and analyzed. Out of this source follow guidelines for the development of new and improved products and / or services. Their development takes time and is usually in the planning for a three year period recorded.

Example objective: development products.

  • The company’s goal is that the delivered products and / or services meet the expectations of customers.
  • The company holds .. times a year a product / service survey.
  • The company develops from the obtained information within … months/year new or improved products and/or services.