Business Objective: Quality

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Quality is delivering on promises

The undertaking shall be honoured as top priority that agreements with customers always be informed if it is deviated or. Internal and external has each employee in the company a customer!

Example objective: agreements.

  • The company’s top priority, that agreements with customers always be complied with or to be informed when it deviates. Internally and externally, each employee in the company has customers!

Quality is striving for zero defects

It is possible to fail in many ways…while to succeed is possible only in one way. – Aristotle

In order to place the entire organization at a higher quality plan, guidelines must set.

Managing and improving business processes is an ongoing process that needs full attention of yourself and your employees. In the quality standard are criteria that relate to the total of all the activities and processes. You open the hunt for mistakes that are made in the organization, not to punish your employees, but to to improve business processes! The goal is the percentage of error, such as exceeding delivery times, damaged products, missed appointments etc,, to reduce yearly.

Example objective: zero faults.

  • The company records all internal faults the organization makes and implements improvements actions.
  • The company registers all external faults that the organization makes and implements improvement actions.
  • The company records all errors that suppliers make and make binding agreements with the supplier in what time-frame the faults are resolved.
  • The company aims to reduce the error rate with … % Per year..

Quality requirements organization

In the directives that you compose are customers gain and keep central!

All business processes directly related to customers are identified and documented with quality requirements. An important question to the basis of the quality requirements is, how your customers experience your organization. An important fact is that customer focus for a large part contributes to the continuity of your business. You strengthen your competitiveness by meeting customer expectations or, even better, to surpass them. By regularly carrying out a customer satisfaction survey do you check of the business processes are still in line with customer expectations.

Processes and procedures

Flexibility is a word that is promoted by many organizations. Both internally to the employees as well to the customer. But in practice it is often the opposite.

In the list of top three annoyances is imposed processes that are working against the customer, followed immediately by telephone contact with the company and the third one sufficient feedback to the customer.
In an article” Customers and annoyances” are highlighted practical examples that confirm that there is still much to gain in some organizations.

Example objective: Organisation.

  • The company holds .. once a year a customer satisfaction survey to assess whether the business meet customer expectations.
  • From the information obtained within a period of .. month business processes improvement projects are initiated.

Quality is teamwork, together for the customer

Fostering teamwork is also an important aspect of your organization, with this is achieved that the focus remains on the customer and not for example the victim of an internal power struggle.

The drafting of directives aimed at improving and promoting teamwork is essential. In order to clarify your organization set guidelines for the delegation of tasks and responsibilities for management and operational staff.

Example objective: teamwork.

  • The company proposes a plan to improve teamwork.
  • The company sets a clear structure in which the delegation of tasks and responsibilities are laid down.