Business Objective: Environment

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Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur you should be aiming to be seen by society as a “sustainable business”.

This allows you to stand out from the competition and are you a reliable partner for the society. You aims to reduce the use of natural resources and demonstrably less environmental burden.
You do this by yourself to set specific goals, by indicating what percentage each year the consumption of natural resources will be reduced by your company. For example, in production how much reduction in energy or water consumption per year you want to realize

Example goal: sustainable enterprise.

  • The company’s goal is to reduce the consumption of natural resources with … % per year.
  • The company aims to put less burden on the environment with …% per year.

Social responsible entrepreneurship

Does the company take socially responsible; to what extent are the products and/or services socially acceptable and what side effects they have on society? Set a concrete plan to tackle any possible abuses.

  • The company performs … times per year evaluations in the field of social entrepreneurship, reported abuses are systematic addressed and corrected.

Economically responsible products and services

In the pursuit of economically responsible products and / or services the knife cuts both ways, the company aims to optimize production and / or services that minimize waste of materials and energy reduction. This lowers the production costs of the organization which has a positive effect on net income of the company.

Example objective: economic responsible entrepreneurship.

  • The company aims to optimize production and minimize waste of materials and services with a ..% annual reduction.
  • The company aims to reduce energy consumption and set itself the goal to reduce .. % annually .

Laws and regulations

It goes without saying that you lay down guidelines for the observance of laws and regulations. In addition, the organization maintains harmonious relations with external stakeholders..

Example objective: laws and regulations.

  • The company adheres to rules and regulations that apply to the company. The company carries out .. times a year a check on compliance with regulations and legislation. Reported deviations are within .. months corrected.
  • The company maintains … times per year intensive contact with external interest groups.