Strange guys, these customers

We want to get where we pay for as minimum

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Customers, such as you and I, are strange creatures.

We want to get what we pay for. We don’t want to discuss procedures or possibilities. We see an offer and get a price, that we want. We want to be made and that expectations be fulfilled promises.

( Mis) Communication

Now take the Quick in Korbeek-lo.
I’m gonna get greasy hamburgers for our ‘ Friday ‘. (By the week we eat very healthy, but on Friday all brakes los). Except that you rarely get exactly what you ask for (usually errors in their favor), works the pole to pass an order talk hardly, barely a few employees speak Dutch (I have no problems with someone’s origin, but as a customer, I think it is important that one understands me) and is constantly interrupted during your order because someone wants his finishing checklist instead of listening.

Staff, inflexible and no empathy

Shows that it is impossible not to ordering something from a happy meal. (strangely, otherwise this though). I question the dessert (which lewd tubes fruit situations) is not there to do, my daughter eats they didn’t and instead of wasting them it seems easier to take with me they just don’t.

No Sir, that sit in there. I know, but I need them. They sit in the price Sir. I know, but my daughter eats them. I ask no discount, I ask you to do them just not there. But they sit there Sir…

The staff drives the customer to despair

After all, crack all the bomb misses and discontent.

I want to speak with the manager. Unfortunately, all he can say is;

“You must remain calm, I have heard your story, now I’m going to … “

I need nothing. I go to the McDonalds! (where incidentally similar Affairs happen).

Company unreachable, don’t call us, we call you

I got a complaint forward it to this ‘ customer friendly and family friendly ‘ company.

But do you think I can find a form or contact address? No, customers need to hear, not complaining apparently buy.

Strange, because whenever I re-established the previous order was incorrect, I referred to the website. Nowadays I check what gives me that will also be in that Brown bags, but not thank declined. When you can demonstrate that you are a burger spot comes, it is believed you not even deficit and send you further with the message that there are others waiting behind you.

Be happy that we help you

Where can I get the cheek to complain?

I really expected a lot of the people when I hope to get my order as I have they passed? As I paid them? Customers are apparently become a disturbing factor for the Quick. Pay and swallow what they give you. Forget the rest.

Missed opportunity

I have placed my last order with the Quick.

It will they don’t really hurt, a small client to lose. They will therefore also nothing of learning. They will therefore not be better and let such an important opportunity.

They will continue as so many organizations are busy focusing on the internal processes. Marketing will tell a good story, and customers will continue to hope for a speedy recovery or just stay away frustrated.

Bron: Peter Stinckens
Peter Stinckens

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