SWOT analysis, how do you do that?

The SWOT analysis gives you insight into opportunities and threats

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A SWOT analysis begins with an inventory of strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities en Threats.

A SWOT analysis is only really an analysis when questions are asked at the end of the inventory as:

  • What opportunities we can and want to exploit with the strengths that we have?
  • How can we deploy the strengths to cope with threats?
  • Als we kansen zien op gebieden waar we zwak zijn, hoe gaan we daar dan mee om?

Aan de slag

The following procedure makes it possible to with a group of 5 to 10 persons to perform a SWOT analysis that yields a priority list.

  1. Enumerate the strengths and weaknesses together on a flipovervel.

    These are internal and influenced to a greater or lesser extent.

  2. Enumerate on a flipovervel opportunities and threats.

    These are external and usually harder to influence.

  3. The key strengths, weaknesses, together determine opportunities and threats (maximum 5 per species) and mark this.

    Take a new flipovervel and write them in the row and column headers of a table according to the example below.

  4. Let every Member of the group divide for themselves 10 points on each row.

    For example, in the first row (behind Chance 1): 5 points in the first column (strength 1), 2 in the third column (strength 3) and 3 in the last column (Weakness 5). The two then 10 points for the row (behind Chance 2), and so on. Trek here for approximately 15 minutes from.

  5. Now go add the points per cell.

    Question per cell, each participant to call his number of points for that cell. Let someone write this addition and the sum in each cell. As for the above table you must persevere together: the Group 100 x querying!

  6. Circle the highest scores in the table, for example everything from 20 points. Conclusions together and subtract from

  7. Also look again at the lowest scores: knocking that with expectations?

  8. On the basis of the above finally determines a priority list.

And then…

It may make sense to get together to discuss major differences in individual scores.
You can then repeat the exercise might. For larger groups is more likely that high and low scores may offset one another. You can also determine the totals per row and column and there conclusions to connect.

A SWOT analysis can be a good tool to organize thoughts, but it….

Defining a strategy can never, however, only the result of a calculation as above.

Also the input of new ideas from an entirely different viewpoint comes to the SWOT analysis is not always good to its fullest.

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