Selling is a profession

Anyone can be a seller, but is that really through?

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Selling is a profession, a very difficult – perhaps the most difficult profession that there is only very few people mastering the tactics and technique of this profession.

When you see this note on a birthday or at a meeting of the Rotary or Lions drop, then usually the first reaction one of a polite shrug.

However, soon the surgeon calls: “by my surgery Mr Van Houten still lives”; the dentist inserts invariably: “by my Mrs has no root canal treatment of Wooden tooth pain more”.

Of course have already seen the largest roepers micro-economic equal of the world, and to expand their examples are with thousands of. But it ignores the fact, that their PRODUCT, whatever that may be, will have to be first SOLD .

Nieuw concept verkoopt zich niet zelf

André Rieu provides millions of people with his inimitable pleasure and fun show, but this product had to be sold. Violin players and there are been Stehgeigers through the centuries, but

André devised a new concept and this concept had to be sold to the “market”.

And if he – with a number of handsome sellers on the background-this is not done, then he’d probably had his show with his brilliant now dressed up ladies and gentlemen can give on the stage of the local neighborhood House with publicity if any lines in the club journal.

By selling techniques and tactics of his team knows the sale of Cds, photos and fans paid for his performances throughout the world an unprecedented and unexpected altitude.

This example can be supplemented with many hundreds of other, but also with many thousands of good products that were sold by a poor sales not.

I hope, that I with this simple examples have shown, that sell an important box is:

No sales = no trade and no trade is an economic depression.

The real seller makes the difference

The great tragedy of the SELLING profession is, that this box often exercised by people who have followed a training for no or hardly.

This makes the profession heavily understated. The surgeon, who was a successful operation, gets flowers and pastries; the good seller, who through his expertise has an important large profitable employment of command, which scooped up hundreds of factory employees are safeguarded, this guy never gets flowers, but only comments about his expense reports.

As already stated, there is the hardest sell is that box, but it is often exercised by people, who would not (by) learned.

Although they call themselves on their vendor, the State often tag, but are just opschrijvers of orders.

” Today I have 100 waffle irons sold “, said the man with the description representative on his card against his partner. In reality the customer had asked if he wanted to write it down and that he had 100 waffle irons done …

“ Today I have a forklift sold “the real seller, who spoke through his surplus knowledge and know the command had dragged out of the fire.

You can sell the box learning?

To exclude any misunderstanding and another, nay NAY.

Just as you play the violin, piano playing and soccer balls can learn. What you can do, is that the talents are present and developed at birth inherited! This by daily studies and exercises. Let me daily 10 hours studying and practicing on a violin, but more than any scratching I will with my a-musicale talents never uitkrijgen. Allow me to 100 penalty kicks exercise on an empty goal and believe me, I still will not kick into the goal more than half … And to think, then Emmy Verheij and Johan Cruijf the violin and the ball effortlessly treads.

To practise the profession of seller, someone will need to House and commercial talents in this often manifests itself at a very young age. There are children, who are already in (used) stamps and marbles “Act” when others still play. When these young people develop their commercial talents – and not be thwarted by their parents-then this future darlings of the taxman.

Young talent sells solution

In 1947, three high school students wanted to complement their scanty pocket money with the sale of tickets clothespins.

They went with a box of 50 cards on their luggage carrier of their bike to a folkish neighborhood. Two of the three had not yet sold after one hour ticket, but the third was lost all 50 tickets!

What had happened? The non-selling duo phoned and asked the housewife who opened the door: “Madam would you buy clothespins?” which almost always followed a negative answer. The “born” seller did it differently. He also called on and opened the conversation with: “Madam may I ask you what?”, to which always followed a positive reply.

“ Madam, you are coming Monday to putting up your clean was ever clothespins deficit? ” This was almost always the case, making it quite naturally went further sell:

“ Madam, then I have the solution: an extra card clothespins; they cost 50 cents per card, but today with me 2 tickets for only 95 cents. Do you want one or two cards Madam? “.

Get this young man, who was obviously never had read a book about selling, 50 years later a VIP treatment at the tax office.

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