Why are you actually become an entrepreneur?

If the going gets tough it comes down to motivation!

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Why you have become entrepreneur, is an important question.

Because if it does so in entrepreneurship, then comes the moment to your motivation. On the motive, the reason, why you ever have taken the step to establish autonomously. And calculation but that there are moments between the that does so. Sometimes that lasts longer but equally, but sometimes.

  • These are questions that you should ask yourself.

  • Do you know why you’re started for yourself?
  • What is really your deeper motive to become an entrepreneur?
  • What is it that you want to achieve with the entrepreneur are?
  • What’s in it for you?

Anchor the motivation

By the answers to the questions clear to have this ready to formulate and the motivation to reach your goal will only become stronger.

The motivation of other entrepreneurs

Be interesting to in that framework to look at what has been the reason for other entrepreneurs to become self-employed.

Studies by universities shows that independence or want to be independently as the main motive for starting your own business. Thereafter motifs to deliver good quality work, called as: unemployment, acquire a better income, have found the gap in the market and be assured of customers making the step could be finally ventured.

Research entrepreneurs

In another survey among nearly 13,000 entrepreneurs is asked them to indicate their personal goal with the company.

They had to be forced choose from five options. Five options that a form or aspect of independence means. One answer was possible. This provided the following image on: work do what I like (35%), independent and remain independent, followed on the foot (33%). Be financially independent or else said: rich scored lower (17%). Unleash the creative ideas (12%) and own time determine (3%). Apparently so do what someone means autonomy work especially likes it. In any case, much more than rich.

Fortunately, because if you motif is really to become rich, you have more chances in the casino!

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