When will the customer disides to buy?

When decides the customer?

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Most sales (estimated more than 85% of all purchases) don’t happen when the seller with the customer speaks, but at another time.

Actively sell rarely succeed

It is often purchased at the time that the ‘ emergency ‘ to your offerings feel and so the ‘ emergency ‘ is solved by purchase.
Possible ‘ need ‘ a better word. But the result is the same.
You can once again discover that actively sell rarely succeeds (except when there is a direct need). But this takes away the importance of the seller does not. On the contrary, it endorses the absolute vital interest of every seller.

When one buys?

Customers buy when there is an emergency or need topical.
Even though we know that months in advance for an investment. Even though we receive from different sellers, or visit one writes one tenders various suppliers. As long as the need not really up-to-date, one will not go to purchase.

Then comes the moment that one really goes purchases.

And one takes this decision rarely or never in the presence of the seller. This decision is usually taken at a time when there is no seller is nearby. At the last conversation with the favorite seller is the decision already taken. It serves as a final check (the last doubts even verify) and to discuss the ordering procedure.

Importance of the seller

Je zou denken dat de verkoper in dit geval een overbodige factor is.
But nothing is less true. A salesperson who deliver good work, has had a tremendous impact on the purchasing decision.

Each salesperson leaves a certain impression about himself, his product and his Organization. This impression is one of the most important decision criteria.

Just think to yourself when you are going to buy a new car. You walk at various garages along everything you discuss with your partner at home.. Will you ever go to one garage back afterwards (or maybe two if you are unsure). You want to leave after your last doubts removed. Then you take a decision.

How do you sell than?

Sell, with this knowledge in mind, suddenly becomes anything other than smooth chats and fine techniques.
At your regular visits to the customer, you build an image on.
The better this image and how intensively you a picture of yourself, your offer and organization at the customer, the sooner we can leave to you will think when taking a decision.

You can then go for that last call, then you have another command. You must confirm the customer go his decision. You should consider the doubts and uncertainties of the customer and give him the confidence that he has made a good choice.

En nadien?

Subsequently you again another command.
Then you need this carefully constructed image further maintained. You must keep your promises, you must demonstrate that you purchase was worthy.


In short, follow-up is essential.
This takes time and energy, but it almost always will if you successfully and without exception lead to repeat purchases!

Bron: Peter Stinckens
Peter Stinckens

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