What smart entrepreneurs do to grow!

Grow is not obvious

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You should work hard. Still lacking and to agree.

The delusion of the day is very tempting for many people. But also a bit every day to work growth ensures that you grows. Or in any case not shrinking! Below are a number of steps for this approach some brief indulgences.

Creëer overzicht

Without no visibility on your affairs overview.
Care so for review on your business. Pick what you wants to measure, measure and record the scores that you rack up.

Also, determine your level of ambition: what do you actually score?

  • Hoeveel offertes moeten er uit?
  • How many billable hours do you want to run this month?
  • How much revenue do you want to create?
  • How many products/services do you want to sell, for example,?
  • Create overview and make appointments with yourself (and possibly your colleagues).

Reflecteer on your overview

If you have it installed, you can also look at it (overview at the end of each month).

Self I notice that I still agree with surprises to come.

  • I didn’t know it went so well, or so remained with what I myself had agreed …

A little awareness without price but with a lot of value. Here someone at switch can also be very useful. That can be a professional, but not necessarily. My experience shows that a positive critical person is sufficient. Do net or your partner is the “Board of Directors” which should give you explanations about your figures … that is only awareness of the next level!

Appoint pain points and opportunities

Everything goes according to appointment, so continue.
Everything that doesn’t go by appointment goes: put it on a list. Create for yourself a planning in the boarding t.

Do this on the basis of criteria 2.

  • How many supplies solve this item on me?
  • And how much energy should I enter in solving this item?

Make choices

You can’t solve the whole world at once.
Pick up the top 3 of the above list (to prioritisation). Do this on the basis of the available hours of the next 6 weeks to impart to work. Little time available the next 6 weeks? Then do 1 item.

Do something!

Start by creating a schedule for the next 6 weeks.
Brainstorm about what you should do to get the items back on level. Determine which actions you need to perform. And who in your network you there may mee can help. Finish with a planning of actions on dagniveau. If you have a little bit of time every day then you can do a little bit each day.

And so you start after the next month at the front at the overview. There will be a lot better that than see off each month!

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