Reducing and preventing sickness absenteeism

Sick Leave Policy

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Where people work can also occur due to sickness absenteeism.
Within the framework of business continuity, it is important that the employer in a sick leave policy is dealt with absenteeism through illness captures how.

Custom Work

A sick leave policy is tailor-made.
It should fit with the nature of the business, of the scale and business culture. And because it is the workers, the sick leave policy only applies if the instemmingsplichtig, so formal employee representation ( Works Council or staff representation ) has agreed.


The conduct of an implicitly defined sick leave policy is a legal obligation for the employer and shall be explicitly mentioned in the decision concerning conditions (art. 2.9).
According to this article advises the arbo service regarding the conduct of a structured, systematic and adequate working conditions and sick leave policy. The arbo service must contribute to the securement thereof, in particular should take account of particular groups of workers.

The prevention and mitigation of disease is a self-evident objective of the health & safety policy. Every employer is obliged to policy that ensures the safety and health of workers.

Benefits of an absenteeism policy

A sick leave policy has several advantages:

  1. It shows how the employer treats illness and absenteeism.
  2. It gives procedures to those sick and officials must follow.
  3. It provides resources that officers may use when dealing with absenteeism.
  4. It gives duties, responsibilities and powers that officials have at absenteeism.
  5. It shows how use can or should be of external experts.

Parts absenteeism policy

A sick leave policy consists of a number of effective components:

Prevention – if the sick leave policy, sick leave beginning on collective work-related prevention & safety, then it can ziekteververzuimbeleid focus on the prevention of disease more in General and the way how the employer handles this. It can also prevent sick leave policy to comment on the way that employees with a functional limitation failure for work and how they can be integrated-gere. In collaboration with a can be mapped the arbo service problems and solutions.

Protocol – a protocol describes the processes around sick leave sick sign control, absenteeism, absenteeism accompaniment, reintegration for prolonged absenteeism, sick pay and the clearing of vacation days. To capture in writing by processes and their contents, have all stakeholders clarity about their rights and obligations and prevents certain individuals be treated differently.

Absenteeism training – Training the employer can help executives and the role they have sick leave according to the policy. In the training they learn what questions legally and not allowed are and how they can carry an efficient conversation with the employee, making these verzuimende as soon as possible re-integrates.

Failure analysis/the effectiveness of registration – a sick leave policy to evaluate figures and analyses necessary. By periodically the absenteeism and failure causes (collated by the company doctor) be to analyze failure patterns often clearer. The absenteeism can result from a limited number of prolonged absenteeism or of many and frequent absenteeism. For prevention or approach to absenteeism, it is important to know.

Guidance on re-integration – to prevent workers (needless) remain ill, is monitoring the long-term sick leave process by a case manager often efficiently. In the State policy of sick leave which usually gets the role of case manager officer. This manager supervises the sick employees faster, so that they can return to the workplace.

What to do when conflicts – sometimes it can feel to not to work reintegration stand in the way. It is an advantage if the sick leave policy describes the conditions that the sick may go down for a second opinion or makes clear that when the employer on the wage may suspend.

The absenteeism policy must be in line with the general business policy or personnel policy as part of this.

For example: If the working pressure is a problem and absenteeism policy focuses on the prevention thereof, applies this not a remuneration policy that high bonuses put on overtime.

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